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November 2000

The Need for Sufism in a
New Century - An Old
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International Symposium
May 2000

Previous Event:

The Life of Maryam (a.s.)
Mother of Jesus (pbuh)
Through the Eyes of the Qur’an

August 2005

Lady Maryam (a.s.) as a child
with her uncle and guardian
Prophet Zachariah


Lady Maryam (a.s.) presenting the
infant Jesus(pbuh) to the rabbis
at the Temple

The Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies screened a beautiful Iranian film on the life of the blessed Lady Maryam (a.s.) over the weekend of August 6th & 7th at the University of New South Wales.

This 9 hour mini-series provided a unique and detailed insight into the historic events surrounding Mary's (a.s.) birth and early life. It showed her special relationship with her guardian Prophet Zachariah, her early meetings with Joseph and her unprecedented admittance into the Temple. Largely based on Qur’anic references the film shows her piety, humility, courage and kindness and the historical events surrounding the birth of Jesus (pbuh).

The screening of this important film brought together Muslims and Christians and opened channels for real interfaith understanding. The Christian participants particularly commented on the greater depth of teaching and information about Lady Maryam (a.s.) that exists in Islam, of which they were previously unaware. At the end of the weekend participants had shared not only the watching of this historic story but had also shared open discussion about the different perceptions of the life of Maryam (a.s.) from the Christian and Islamic teachings. Everyone who attended was visibly moved by the film which created a real sense of greater mutual understanding.

The pictures above depict two crucial events in the film of Lady Maryam's (a.s.) life. The first is Prophet Zachariah with the young Maryam (a.s.) at the age of 6 on her journey from her home to live in the Temple, as was her mothers promise to God. Prophet Zachariah, who was not only her uncle and guardian but also her spiritual teacher, had fought with the temple elders and rabbis for the unprecedented admittance of a female to the service of the Temple.

The second picture depicts the pivotal moment of Lady Maryam's (a.s.) return to the city and the Temple entrance after the miraculous birth of Jesus (pbuh). Having returned from the desert the young Maryam (a.s.) has been instructed by Allah (swt) not to speak to anyone when she re-enters the city with the baby Jesus (pbuh). She is being harassed and interrogated by the people and the rabbis, but continues to follow God's order and says nothing in her own defence. Finally she indicates to the temple elder to direct his questions to the baby. He mocks her request and finally, in order to prove the ridiculousness of the suggestion, he speaks to the baby. In a miraculous and powerful moment the baby Jesus (pbuh) speaks.


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