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Religions' Sacred Teachings
and Their Inner Meanings
International Symposium
15th December 2013

Seeing God Everywhere:
Traversing the
Spiritual Journey
5th November 2011

An Ancient Psychology
for a Modern Era
The Journey of the ego self
to the Spiritual Self
International Symposium
4th December 2010

One Humanity, Many Faiths
Interfaith Summit
February 2009

Sufi Music and Zikr
by Al Madeheen
September 2008

Moulana Rumi and the
Perfume of Divine Love
International Symposium
December 2007

ABC Radio Interview
December 2007

UNESCO Moulana Congress
Tehran and Tabriz
October 2007

UNESCO Moulana Rumi
Istanbul and Konya
May 2007

Conference on the
Iranian Identity
December 2006

Dalai Lama meets
with Muslim and
Sufi leaders
April 2006

Sufi Meditation
on ABC Radio
April/May 2006

Life of Maryam (a.s.)
August 2005

The Unifying Role
Of Mysticism
International Symposium
October 2004

Peace and God Consciousness
- The Journey of the Soul
International Symposium
October 2003

Uniting & Dividing
Humanity - The role
politics & religion play
August 2003

Sufism & Self-Transformation
The Path of Knowledge
and Love
International Symposium
October 2002

An Evening with
Claudio Naranjo
September 2002

Unity Within Diversity
November 2001

The Message of Moulana Rumi
"Listen to the Reed
How it Tells its Tale...."
International Symposium
November 2000

The Need for Sufism in a
New Century - An Old
Tradition for a New World
International Symposium
May 2000

Previous Event:

International Sufi Symposium

Peace and God Consciousness
- The Journey of the Soul -

An opportunity to learn about the spiritual
and mystical dimensions of religions

October 2003

The Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies presented the fourth annual international Sufi symposium to explore the purpose of the journey of this life through the teachings of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sufism. The program included international and local spiritual leaders, Sufi music, poetry & Zikr.


Fleur Nassery Bonnin

Fleur Nassery Bonnin is a Sufi teacher, psychologist and the Founder and Director of the Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies. Originally from Persia, she has practised in the United States for many years and now lives and works in Australia, focusing on Sufi psychology and spiritual teaching. In Sufism, self-knowledge is the path that leads to the knowledge of God. Self-realisation as a vehicle for spiritual unfoldment is at the centre of Fleur's teaching. Her emphasis is for the seeker to apply the gained knowledge in every day life in order to experience God Consciousness.

Father Greg Homeming

Father Greg Homeming is a Friar in the Order of Discalced Carmelites in Australia where he is currently Director of Vocations and Novice Master. The Carmelites are a Christian contemplative order who use prayer and contemplation, seeking to live in the presence of God. He has a degree in Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity and a post graduate degree in Philosophy from Melbourne University. Father Homeming specialises in the spirituality of St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila and is active in working with youth in the community.

Venerable Tenzin Chönyi

Venerable Tenzin Chönyi is a Buddhist nun from Chenrezig Nuns' Community and is currently Spiritual Program Coordinator and resident western teacher at the Vajrayana Institute. Prior to her ordination, she was Dr Diana Taylor, a psychologist in private practice. One of her main interests is exploring the similarities and differences in the ways in which Buddhist psychology and western psychology view the mind. Her unique and skilled combination of Buddhist and western studies enables her to apply Buddhist teachings to the western context in a way that is readily accessible to all.

Sheikh Ibrahim al Ansari

Sheikh Ibrahim al Ansari is a Sheikh of the Qadiri-Rifa’i Tariqa in Berkeley California, a musician and a composer. He has a BA degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Performance Integration of World Myths and Music and an MA in Music Composition. He has studied the mystical traditions of many of the world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism and he teaches Sufism.

Persian Musicians

Sufi Music and Poetry

Sufi Music and Poetry. In Sufism, music has always been linked with poetry. In Persian Sufi music in particular, the role of poetry is more accentuated. This unique combination of music and poetry awakens the heart of the listener to the spirit of the message.

Zikr is a spiritual practice of remembrance through calling the names of Allah (swt). As a spiritual and mystical state it conveys a paradox: although Zikr means ‘remembrance’, the ultimate experience which the practice points towards is ‘forgetfulness’, forgetting everything but God.


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